The next few days after the Full Moon Party were spent napping and relaxing at the beach and pool.  The sandbar in front of the Milky Bay Resort was a great lounging spot.  Come Friday though, we eager to experience something on the Island outside of the resort.  First we needed to return our motorbike, which should have been easy enough…except there was a two inch scratch on the front bender and the owner wanted to charge us 2000 baht to replace, in addition to our three days of rental at 200 baht per day! Somehow we got him down to 1500 baht for the front fender and just two days of rental, totaling 1900 baht.  Still, that set us back a bit, and possibly ended our motorbike driving in Thailand.

After we cooled off in the water we decided to visit the Wat Pho Temple, right in Baan Tai, the same beach where our resort was located.  It was a very short taxi ride, but we did have to arrange for a pick up time since taxis don’t drive pass that area regularly.  Hearing that we needed straps for our shoes and that our knees and shoulders should be covered, we dressed appropriately.  Once we got there we saw everyone in shorts and tank tops, and when I say everyone, I mean the locals! Also, flip flops would have been fine since one must kick off her shoes before entering any of the shrines.  Very warm, we walked around the old, rundown grounds.  Some of the sights were beautiful, but much of the property was under construction.  It was interesting to see, but compared to the temple in Narita, Japan…well it didn’t compare at all. Across from the temple though is an herbal sauna, accessible for 50 baht. We enjoyed this very much.  It was actually a steam room, not a sauna, but the you could smell and feel the lemon grass.  Although it was so hot and humid, the steam room felt surprisingly wonderful. 

There were several other temples to visit in Koh Phangan, hikes we could have gone on, many other beaches, and not mention the never ending partying that goes on in Haad Rin.  We were content with what we had seen though and decided that after 4 nights it was time to move on to the next Island.